Potato Heads

I love making these hash brown patty faces! The kids love them too! It’s super easy to make them and you can do a different face each time. FUN!

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Car Wash Water Play!

This activity was simple to set up. I found some plastic bins and trays and filled them with soapy water. Then the kids washed toy cars with brushes and wash cloths. It was so much fun! They stayed busy for over an hour!

car wash 1 car wash 2 car wash 3 car wash 4 car wash 5 car wash 6

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I love summer! We’ve been playing in the sprinkler on hot days. We still find some time for ABC practice though 🙂


I have plastic bins filled with seeds for the kids to dig, bury dinosaurs, use the sand wheel, fill up dump trucks, etc. They love it!


We studied our map of the USA and hung up a large American flag in celebration of Independence Day. The kids made flags with popsicle sticks and some with tissue paper. And they made glittery fireworks.

July art

Summer is all about sunny days and butterflies! These were made with handprints, they’re so cute!


L is for Ladybug art project. The kids glued them into their notebooks.

lady bug



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Notebooks For Preschoolers

A simple notebook is the perfect place for keeping art projects, writing practice, photos, and drawings. Children love to work in their notebook a little each day. They take time to go back and look at what they’ve done in their books and are always so excited to show off all their hard work. Once the notebook is full, the child can keep it forever and start on a new one.

We’ve done several different themes such as seasons, holidays, harvest, and Around The Globe. Most recently we finished our Passport To The Universe unit. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!!



moon notbooks

space journals

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Teaching Preschool: Earth Day

We turned Earth Day into Earth week. We celebrated our home planet all week long.

One art project was to create a globe with blue paper cut into a circle and some green paint for land. The biggest land form was made with a big green handprint 🙂

The kids made Happy Earth Day cards for their parents. It was a good project for practice writing, cutting, and assembling.

We also made Earth Day collages and booklets.

Here are some photos from the week:



Earth Day

Earth hands




We learned about the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The kids reused paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes to make inventions, binoculars, wands, etc.

I had a tray filled with items they could use: chenille stems, stickers, ribbons, google eyes, streamers, hole punch, tape, glue, etc.

inventions 2

inventions tubes


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The kids love to make inventions. They use items such as Mega Bloks, Legos, wood blocks, construction paper, egg cartons, paper tubes, ribbons, etc.

They can be very creative! And they love to show off what they’ve made.

Today I had several supplies ready for them to build with. They used chenille stems, paper tubes, stickers, markers, cardboard boxes, hole punch, tape and glue. I had some felt out as well but no one used it this time around…

Here’s what they made:


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Green Grass and Blue Skies

Warmer weather has finally arrived and most of the snow has melted! Hooray! We’ve been doing a lot of crafts and projects about Spring, April, and Easter. Some of our favorite little rhymes are: “Green grass, blue skies, Easter eggs, and butterflies!” and “April showers bring May flowers”. The kids love our Easter joke: “What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite game?” HOPSCOTCH!! 😀

We’ve been decorating foam eggs and bunnies with glitter pens, markers, and stickers.

green grass

happy spring

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